A word about The Brigadiers Cottage

Your Boutique Pet friendly Homestay

About The Brigadiers Cottage

The Brigadiers Cottage – Your Boutique Pet friendly Homestay - is owned and managed by Neetu the daughter in Law of the Brigadier on whose name the cottage was established. Being an MBA, Neetu has always been entrepreunal and believes in running a well-oiled home with the retinue of staff and retainers at her disposal. She is known for her work in doing up the interiors for hotels, designing jewellery and has to her credit developed a hair oil to prevent hair loss. Neetu is a practising Intuitional Tarot card reader.

Neetu takes personal delight in ensuring that the cottage , the rooms and Suites and the premises are well kept and maintained at all times thru her hawk eye for perfection and is proud of her spotless kitchen that turns out the freshest of food.

The Thought Behind The Brigadiers Cottage – Your Boutique Pet friendly Homestay

“YOUR BOUTIQUE HOMESTAY IS YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME" and is now open to welcome you all and to share the abundance of nature. Today’s kids grow up in urban surroundings of concrete with no open spaces and playgrounds, live on Pizzas and Burgers, live where milk comes from a tetra pack and eggs on a tray… polluted and poisoned air… We offer huge, open spaces with lawns, kitchen Gardens, chirping birds, barking deer, wild fowl and many other forms of wild life and healthy fresh air, pure milk, honey, butter…

Your visit to the Brigadiers Cottage, will leave you rejuvenated with clean air, green cover to sooth your eyes we would like to share with you what is clean, green and pristine… enjoy the fresh air, water, hikes, and most importantly… Enjoy the time you spend here with family…..

The Brigadiers Cottage
The Brigadiers Cottage
The Brigadiers Cottage

About Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is located at a height of 1450 feet, above sea level, north east off Mussorie, Uttarakhand State, India. It is at a distance of 13 kms from Mussorie and easily accessible by road.

The scenic beauty of the surrounding mountainous terrain embellishes the Water Fall. The discovery of the Water Falls was in 1835 and is credited to a British Officer John Mekinan. This spectacular spot was, then, either used for picnics or as a camping site. Probably, 'camp tea' gave way to Kempty, in the local dialect and the name kempty Falls has come to stay for posterity. A full flowing stream at a fair height falls 40 feet down, splitting the Water Fall in five cascades, creating a pristine pool at the base. This is to the pleasure of tourists who dip, splash and swim in the nature's Water Fall pool. Making it, a memorable visit for them. Truly, a selfie moment!

The Brigadiers Cottage
The Brigadiers Cottage
The Brigadiers Cottage

The Brigadier’s Cottage

Kempty Falls,
Mussoorie - Uttarakhand

Contact Person

Neetu Varma

Phone: +91-9910431380, +91-8800118303

Email: brigadierscottage@gmail.com

(Contact Neetu in case you need airport/ Railway station
pick up and drop or a vehicle for day use etc.)