Accommodations at The Brigadiers Cottage

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Featuring large windows, a common lobby, a common corridor and a spacious common balcony, the Luxury Rooms span 450 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft. These rooms allow our guests to soak in the gorgeous views of the snow-covered mountains and surrounding valleys and woods.

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The Superior Rooms at The Brigadiers Cottage are large and spacious accommodations that are curated to provide optimum comfort to our guests. These rooms are spread across 320 sq. ft. and are ideal for a group of 3 people. The stunning views from the rooms add to its beauty!


Our Deluxe Rooms in Mussoorie are elegant living spaces that are spread across an area of 250 sq. ft., and are perfect for a group of 3 guests. These rooms overlook the valley, woods and a small brook that flows by our cottage, and ensure our guests have a lovely stay!